Research Facilities


There are five different laboratories in Computer Science and Engineering Department.

Software Engineering Laboratory

This lab has 30 computer having powerful processors and RAM. These machines are capable of running state of the art software environments and performing computing intensive tasks.

Image Processing Laboratory

This lab consists of 20 workstations, each having powerful processors and RAM, enabling students to perform image processing research.

Hardware Laboratory

This lab consists large number of hardware equipment and various computer accessories which are available to provide students with the practical knowledge of the computer hardware.

Network Laboratory

This lab has vast collection of Networking tools and equipments. Switch, router, hubs, and access points are available in this lab.

Robotics Laboratory

This lab has robotics equipment which provide students to research in this area.


The department has a seminar and rental library which provides various services toward the students, faculty and researchers. Besides the textbooks the library has large collection of reference books related to computer science. In addition to this, dictionaries, encyclopedias, manual etc are also housed in this lab.