About CSE Department

The computer science and engineering curriculum is focused on the study of the hardware, software, and theoretical aspects of high-speed computing devices. It is also concerned with the application of these devices to scientific, technological, and business problems.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering gives students a basic understanding of the discipline. The degree prepares students for graduate work or for various industrial, governmental, and business positions involving the use of computers.

The computer science graduate program offers coursework from a broad spectrum of theoretical and specific computer science applications, combined with research opportunities in nearly all areas of the field.

Since the establishment in August 1996, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering has developed a quality computer science curriculum that offers Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees in computer science and engineering. Faculty has great research interests spanning a wide spectrum of Computer Science. These include theoretical computer science, algorithm design and analysis, mobile computing, database, programming language and compiler design, parallel processing and distributed systems, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, image and speech processing, pattern recognition, data compression, and computer network.